Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Nintendo 3DS might be the highlight of the show. 3D without glasses on a 3.5" screen is going to be interesting - something you need to see and experience in person; you cannot grasp how "big" this is with pics and video.

The new 360 slim looks nice, hopefully they solved E74 and RRoD - but putting out a new console SKU in year 4 is not really going to erase the past, no matter what Microsoft attempts to do - unless of course they extend the warranty again and replace the busted consoles with the new consoles. Project Natal finally got its official name - Kinect...don't know if it is going to grow on me yet, but isn't the whole spelling a word differently than how it's really supposed to spell tired out by now?

PlayStation Move...99.00 is not too bad for the bundle that includes a game, Gran Turismo gets a "final" release date and the shocker of the conference might be Portal 2 with exclusive PS3 content - surprising given that the PS3 port was notoriously atrocious.

E3 - for 2 years straight has been exciting, looks like gaming's premier exposition/convention is back. 

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