Friday, December 31, 2010

Last Post of Twenty-Ten

While most people are compiling some version of a Best of 2010 list, my last post of the year will be my predictions for 2011.

  • Even IF there is Move/Kinect Integration in Madden/FIFA/CoD/GoW, I will STILL use the regular controller.
  • More and more females and kids will adopt gaming either via Move/Kinect or Music/Party games but it will STILL be a niche market that your wife/girlfriend will frown down upon (unless you are one of "those" that has the "girl who likes to play videogames")
  • There will be a Move game that is 3D only that will receive positive ratings in 2011 and we will STILL have at least 2% of the purchases of that title be from people who do not even own a HDTV, much less a 3D capable television.
  • The PS2 will still refuse to die
  • Wii HD announcement in the 4th Quarter
  • Fragmentation complaints from potential Move/Kinect developers
  • Something interesting from EA Sports this year regarding their NBA Live/Elite franchise - either a bundled-in version of NBA Jam, exclusivity agreement for the future, or conceding again and not releasing a title.
  • E3 will be more exciting than CES...but Apple will dwarf all
  • PSP2 and Xperia Play (PlayStation Phone) will have some kind of symbiotic relationship a la iPhone/iPod Touch but not exactly.
  • Nintendo Wii Price Drop
  • Sensational 3DS health reports and parents going ballistic

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