Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 Gadgets

PS Vita
This is the must have - A quad core portable with true dedicated gaming controls plus intuitive touch controls.

Uncharted looks AMAZING
Sony Hardware
$250 launch price
OLED multi-touch capacitive touchscreen

ANOTHER proprietary (expensive) memory card format
Knowing there will be a slim version with better battery life within 1.5 years

iPad 3
Didn't think I would ever need a tablet and I really don't "need" one - but the use case for me that is appealing is a true HD iOS experience. I always thought that if the iPad was released before the iPhone the hype for the iPhone would be even more rampant - its like a mini-iPad! It's similar to the hype around the black razr, only because that color came out after the silver razr - if the black razr came out first the hype would have been for the silver razr. When the iPad was initially released, I just thought of it as a big iPhone with a better battery. Now, more and more developers are releasing dedicated iPad apps and calling it ScoreCenter HD for example, but the iPad and iPad 2 are not "HD" screens - the iPad 3 is rumored to be Retina (same pixel density as the iPhone4/4S?). A FaceTime HD camera plus a Retina Display screen will definitely sway me if the price is right. Typical use case being a couch/bed device or a 3-5 day traveling gadget where the MBA is not needed. And with the battery life of the Vita (combined with the expensive memory cards), I will probably watch most of my video content on the go with this device. PRAYING for expandable storage, and HDMI out.

Retina Display?

Price - this thing might be higher than $499
Probably NO expandable storage (not an issue for most - but I would like to store 1080p uncompressed video on this thing)


New Desktop PC
My Alienware is due for a refresh (its an XP machine) - the video card is on its last legs and probably the hard drive as well. I need a machine with optical drives (copying/burning DVDs, Blu-Rays, and CD's). I will probably hold out until Windows 8.

Hopefully CES will bring prices down and 4K becomes viable by this time next year (I doubt it), my 50" SXRD is still performing better than most 1080p sets out now. I am also hoping there is more 3D content other than Blu-Rays, and video games - it would be ideal if my satellite provider (Dish Network) carried ESPN3D. I am guessing that it won't be until 4th quarter 2013 (probably where we will start to see 4K as the next "selling feature") that I change out the SXRD (unless it dies on me).

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