Friday, April 4, 2014

Titanfall - justified hype

Titanfall is a great game, a necessary injection of something different brought to a genre that has been mundane since Gears offered something unique when they shifted the camera to a 3rd person-ish perspective. This SEEMS like a bigger seismic shift to the shooter, one that has been badly needed - the FPS has revitalized on the XB1 after being on life support (well, everywhere outside the USA) 

Yes, its multiplayer only, unapologetically so. 
Yes, it ushered in the joystiq State of Service era (but that is NOT this title’s fault - Battlefield, Sim City and a plethora of other titles made this a necessary component in the review structure of this console generation) 
Yes, its initial hype has waned off.

Respawn’s first foray has paid off - the pacing and balance feel right, and THIS is their first go-round. Really hope they have other things coming out other than this franchise…we’ll see. 

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