Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Gaming Shift?

"And getting rid of Kojima Productions is not that crazy for Konami. The company, like nearly every publisher in Japan, has shifted away from triple-A console games that cost millions of dollars to produce. Instead, Konami Digital Entertainment is embracing mobile games."

Kate Upton is bombarding my TV with Game of War commercials, Candy Crush and Angry Birds are making boatloads of cash - mobile gaming is booming. 

Nothing is wrong with companies making mobile games or shifting focus to allocate more resources to mobile gaming, but when visionaries and pioneers like Hideo Kojima are being squeezed out, you start to ponder if this is a temporary lapse of a company making a poor decision in isolation or is this a trend? 

Metal Gear Solid is not a mid-tier franchise, its an undisputed triple A series. Konami MIGHT have been tipped by Kojima that this was his last foray into the Metal Gear series and he was done for good - Kojima does have a record of saying this will be the last MGS game and then coming back for “one last time” 

A bow out by Kojima would have been understandable, even a Konami begging for another MGS game from Kojima like movie studios do with Bruce Willis and Die Hard, but a force out seems harsh; yes triple A titles are becoming more and more expensive and the turnover on mobile games are much more profitable but it SEEMS like companies are too quick to jump on this latest craze and abandoning a segment of the market that are buying PS4s in record numbers - there SHOULD be room for both! 

This COULD be just an isolated incident and not reflect the current market at all, but Konami dropping Kojima is one hell of a statement.

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