Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Is co-op Dead?

Pretty good piece via The Verge...

4 player split screen marathon GoldenEye sessions were the norm BEFORE online multiplayer. Now that online play is not only conducive but prevalent, it was only natural that we would see a decline in developers making split screen games…but the reports of co-op gaming’s demise has been greatly exaggerated. 

Games like Mario Kart are made for local play - and yes performance stutters but fun is amplified exponentially. 

And not ALL local multiplayer games are split-screen - diamond franchises like NBA2K, Madden, FIFA, ProEvo, and Fight Night are thriving in offices around the world, tailgates across stadiums in the states, draft parties, etc. 

Let’s also not forget some platformers that incorporate some iteration of co-op without splitting the screen. 

There are still a lot of use cases for co-op…no reason why online multiplayer and local multiplayer can’t co-exist. 

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