Friday, June 30, 2017

Sony's Position on Cross Play

Sony is the market leader in the current generation, so its no surprise that they are the holdout in cross play. It will be much easier for a gamer to trade in their PS4 and upgrade to Xbox One X and play NBA2K in true 4K if that gamer knows that they can still play with their PS4 friends. Hard to imagine Microsoft adopting cross play so quickly IF the situation was reversed - but after the fallout from the original Xbox One announcement THERE is a chance if Sony approached Microsoft to open up compatibility they would, especially early in that PR disaster. 

The fact is Nintendo, Microsoft, and even PC are on board, games like Rocket League are ready and just need to turn on a switch. Sony's pathetic excuse is not going to fly much longer, no matter how great their lead is and how much credit they have by "listening to gamers" compared to Microsoft during their respective console debuts. Sony needs to open up cross play this generation - its what the gamers want. 

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