Thursday, August 31, 2017

Patch for the Pitch

The Premier League season kicked off earlier this month, they are already 3 games into the season, yet FIFA 18 and Pro Evolution Soccer 18 haven't been released yet. Given that the NFL season hasn't commenced but we have Madden 18 and we will get NBA2K18 out well before the commencement of the new NBA season its kind of bizarre that the two footie games don't come out in preseason. In this age of patches and updates, waiting for the transfer window to close doesn't make much sense - NBA2K18 doesn't wait until the trade deadline to release their game. Its fun to simulate a match the night before or an hour before kickoff where you get the team sheets - follow your team and play the season. This weird period of having the season start and playing the last years version with last years kits and not having the new players is bizarre in 2017 - if you are going to stop updating FIFA/PES 2017, release the new versions before the season starts! Thank God for ProEvo Option Files. 

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