Thursday, September 30, 2010

Feeling Blu

Microsoft reaffirmed their stance on Blu-Ray on the 360. It is clear that they are behind digital downloads and nothing is wrong with that - PS3 has digital downloads too. The PS3 has the capability of ALSO playing blu-ray discs. Both the 360 and the PS3 can play DVDs and it is an important feature that users demand - many people use their 360 as their primary DVD player and the only reason they are still watching DVDs is because the 360 cannot play Blu-Rays.

I have the HD-DVD add on for my 360 - it still works and I remember Microsoft promoting it. So the fact that they are pushing digital downloads now does not make them some kind of visionary, if HD-DVD won the format war they would STILL be promoting it. The fact that they refuse to even consider adding the option for Blu-Ray is even more a slap in the face to consumers that bought HD-DVD. Many 360 owners do not even have an internet connection - Microsoft claims that they did not include wifi built in to the console because of this user base - doesn't Microsoft realize that this same user base is INCAPABLE of downloading/streaming movies? Wait, let's go over that again -

Why don't you have built-in wifi on the console?

Many of our users do not have an internet connection.

Why don't you have Blu-Ray?

You can download HD quality movies.

...and we have yet to discuss the proprietary hard drive.

Even IF you have an internet connection - if you have anything less than an 8mbps you CANNOT even get HD streaming.

Microsoft let a lot of its user base who were holding out hope for an option of HD movies down - they said it themselves when trying to justify the console lacking wifi - many of their users don't have an internet connection, and some of those that do don't have 8mbps (cable), and some of those that have a high speed cable connection only have the 20gb hard drive and of those users who have a cable connection and a big hard drive they are watching their inferior quality HD movies without extras and uncompressed audio via component.

...unless you bought the new 360 with HDMI, or you are even luckier and got the new new 360 with HDMI and Wifi

but the rest of us (especially who got the HD-DVD add on) we are now Feeling Blu.

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