Sunday, October 31, 2010

My Macbook Dilemma

I want to get a Macbook, but I keep pushing back. I have a 1st gen Air - its a great unit and it serves me well, but it struggles playing back HD video, and multitasking certain applications. I want to be able to do more and I was looking hard at getting a Pro, and hoping that a refresh to the Pro line would include a Blu-ray drive. The new Macbook Pro's got updated graphics and processors, but no Blu.

I don't need an optical drive, and if I have to deal with the added weight, battery drainage, and noise of what an optical drive produces - it better have Blu-Ray.

The new Macbook Air's have a better processor and can play back HD video without a problem - but I want to keep my current Macbook Air, it has a backlit keyboard (a feature they took out of the new Air's) and I want a backup laptop...

Even with AppleCare, when my Macbook Air got the hinge defect, I was out of a laptop for 2 weeks. There is no loaner program with Apple and despite what you hear on commercials - Mac's have their issues too (my hard drive also failed and that was one week without a laptop).

So why not just keep my Macbook Air and get the new Macbook Air? I want to learn Final Cut and do some Podcasting and the benchmark differences between the Pro and the Air are vast enough that having an Air and a Pro makes more sense than having a Rev1 Air and a Rev3 Air. But if the new Pro still has an optical drive and that optical drive can't play Blu, I will seriously look at the NEXT rev of the Macbook Air - hopefully get a processor upgrade, and backlit keyboards.

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