Thursday, March 31, 2011

3DS US Launch

Didn't get one. Yes, this post was GOING to be about my initial thoughts on the 3DS, but I really started thinking about the $250.00 cost of entry. For $50.00 more you can get a PLAYSTATION 3 - sure its not portable, but its 3D capable and you can play games (demos) for free out of the box. Another reason I backed down from getting Nintendo's latest handheld is the reports of the TERRIBLE battery life. My DS Lite has awesome battery life and even my PSP with the extended battery holds a decent charge. But, while the battery life and price are important factors in my decision - the MOST important reason why I didn't get the 3DS is because I KNOW the 3DS Lite is going to be lighter, cheaper, and more energy efficient (better battery)...see, I care about the Earth ;)

Please God (Shigeru Miyamoto) have a new Super Mario Bros bundled in with my Lime Green/Black 3DS Lite!

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