Saturday, April 30, 2011

PSN under Attack

Momentum was picking up for the PlayStation 3 and then the whole Geohot fiasco and now this...PSN has been down for almost 2 weeks now. Both the 360 and the PS3 have temporary service outages - but this one is unprecedented. Security breaches are bad and if PSN ID's or Credit Cards are compromised it will be worse. But when the dust settles and all I have to do is reset my password (akin to the Epsilon situation) I will be upset, but not irate.

To put things in perspective, when PSN is down - I am still able to actually PLAY Portal 2 (which I just finished - excellent game) I am still able to watch Blu-Ray's - I just can't play online. But, when my 360 RRoD - its DEAD - unable to do anything and the turnaround (if you are lucky to be under warranty) is about 2 weeks.

And I have had multiple RRoD's...I'll cut Sony a break this time.

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