Tuesday, May 31, 2011

NBA extends multi-year licensing with 2K AND EA?

Its kind of hard to understand why Madden is the ONLY officially NFL licensed video game, especially now. EA Sports will not release a simulation NBA game again this year, so once again the 2k series will be the de facto game. Madden had competitors before they went and Godfather offered the NFL for exclusivity. The least the NFL could do is extend their license to at least one other company to make an arcade/Blitz version of an NFL game a la EA's only NBA effort - NBA Jam. What if 2K Sports went to the NBA and Godfather offered them with the monopoly they have had the past two years? Its easy to say competition produces a better product; but with EA not used to competition for its NFL franchise it has decided to totally withdraw its efforts against the NBA 2K series - looks like EA can't handle competition.

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