Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Is the Vita DOA?

Vita released in the States without much fanfare…not too much hype surrounding a system that many have labelled "the last of its kind'

It seems the consensus is that with the proliferation of mobile gaming on smartphones, a system like the Vita is not needed…that this might be the last hurrah for portable gaming.

We have heard this before and we will hear it again.

The next version of the Xbox and PlayStation will be the last of the traditional consoles…

Mobile gaming has come a long way - its not just Angry Birds and Cut the Rope - games like Dead Space, GTA III, and even the port of NBA Jam on iOS have shown that touch screen gaming is indeed viable. So viable in fact that its integrated on the Vita - and its handled so well, I envision we will see an iteration of the tech in the next generation of consoles; the same next generation of consoles they claimed would not exist.

But the fact is, at this moment in time certain games NEED dedicated controls…Madden plays better on the PSP and will undoubtedly play better on the Vita. FIFA, Street Fighter, Mario/Platformers, will all be better handled on a machine with dedicated controls.

Will there always be a market for this type of gamer? Or will gamers evolve into playing certain games on their portable and certain games at home?

Why compromise? Is carrying two devices that bad?

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