Saturday, March 31, 2012

Orbis, Durango, and the future of used games

It's looking bleak for used games, if rumors are true (disclaimer - they usually aren't at this stage) used games will either be unplayable on the new generation of consoles or severely "crippled." I am not sure if this basically means backwards compatibility is off the table or if there will be some way to verify a 360 title on a 720 (aka Durango).

But IF this is the case than the Wii U might be the only console with backwards capability and a decent used games library; combined with the fact that this is going to be the first next-gen console on the market, will Nintendo's head start be insurmountable?

What happens to the Orbis and Durango if the launch titles are scarce? Will the public buy into buying new/old PS3/360 titles? "PS4 Metal Gear doesn't come out until the summer - should I buy MGS4 Guns of the Patriots?" I just don't see it happening…

The 360 ushered in the $59.99 price point - and now the game you paid over $60 on (with tax) might be unplayable on the 3rd iteration of your console if BC is disabled. The used games market was essential for people who simply could not afford the new era pricing.

It's still early and these are all alleged reports and rumors, but the used games disabling seems to be getting a lot of traction…unfortunately.

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