Thursday, May 31, 2012

The State of the Motion

Is motion dead? The Wii has lost its luster after a STRONG start, a strong enough start it generated copycats (even though Sony and Microsoft would claim they had this tech in the pipeline long before). It only became viable after the Nintendo Wii validated it. Yet the Move and Kinect have yet to capitalize or even replicate a short term fervor that the Wii did. Sure, the Kinect is garnering attention outside of its scope and people are using it for various alternate uses but what is the killer Kinect game? An editorial by Engadget calls out the Move, maybe unfairly as not having that must have game - they fail to mention in the piece what is the must have game for the Kinect? Sure it might be a breakthrough piece of tech, but what is the killer app for it?

Reading the comments of the editorial people cite the fact that the Kinect was the biggest selling consumer device of the time…but it was mainly hype. People use it to control their xbox and play dancing games, but again - what is the must-own Kinect game?

The BIGGEST problem with motion is space - people are cramped up in dorms, have their 23 inch TV on their bed and the controller is perfect, A LOT of gamers just don't have the room or the room setup for motion gaming.

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