Wednesday, October 31, 2012


When did the last tentpole game come out? Grand Theft Auto 3?

Sure…Gears, Assassin's, Halo, CoD, God of War are all great and were recent original IPs but none have been transcendent. Grand Theft Auto 3 and Metal Gear Solid were sequels, but basically became something inherently different…the game changed; much in the same way as Final Fantasy did with their 7th iteration. So many times you hear gaming pundits clamor for an original IP, but what we really need is a seismic shift in delivery. Imagine a Zelda game with a darker more adult tone - we thought we were getting that with the infamous Project Atlantis (codename for the 64) screens but instead Miyamoto did a complete reversal with the cell-shaded Wind Waker (which was great) but now with the WiiU maybe the next time we see Link he is a little more grizzled and wily rather than a fresh faced wide-eyed kid.

We need a really funny game - something a little crude and satirical, like that Conker's Bad Fur Day - but executed better. Or a really good Adults-only type game, something either sophisticated and highbrow - think Michael Clayton or Breaking Bad. A really good solid story built around a fixer could make a really interesting game.

It would be much more satisfying if we got something less Kratos in God of War and more Yuri Olov the gunrunner from Lord of War.

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