Tuesday, April 30, 2013

FIFA/Madden on the PS4 or Durango?

Before I buy any multi platform game I check to see which version is superior, I used to use IGN Head-to-Head to help aid me in my decision but that popular series looks defunct. Digital Foundry's Face Off is a GREAT in-depth comprehensive comparison resource that completely supplants Head-to-Head.

It will be kind of interesting to see IF the next 360 is limited in any way (always-online, unable to play used games) if that will be reflected in any way to Face Off comparisons…the newest rumors suggest it would be up to the developer - so if FIFA needs a connection for the Durango version and the PS4 version does not - local multiplayer on the PS4 would be superior to a user who doesn't have an internet connection even if the Durango version has the leg up graphically and/or performance-wise.

With both consoles using a similar developer-friendly PC architecture the differences between the next-gen consoles will be slight - especially now that Sony will abandon a proprietary processor (Emotion Engine, Cell) things like limitations on internet connectivity and the capability to play used games might be more of a factor to gamers who have both consoles.

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