Sunday, June 30, 2013

Xbox One's 180

Whether or not you liked Microsoft's initial vision, most would concede that the Xbox One was definitely a debacle in terms of communication. Everything from the Durango leaked documents to Adam Orth, to E3 and after was a model of what not to do. The Xbox Wire post explaining the details of the now reversed plans included phrasing like we are not ready to announce, combined with the fact that they didn't wait until E3 to announce those plans was further proof they wanted things to "tide over" before a big reveal…but instead things built up to a crescendo for that Sony presser.

And the reaction to that and the backlash, the preorder numbers, and the CONTINUED stumbled messaging (the now infamous narrative "if you don't have an internet connection or can't get online we have the perfect console for you - the 360") were most likely the primary reasoning for the reversal.

Were there inconveniences? Yes Were there advantages? Yes - while this wasn't a case of Microsoft being completely wrong, it also wasn't a case of it being the consumers fault and "scared of change"

Not carrying a game disc to your friend's house and just logging in on his console is better right?

Instead of bringing FIFA 2019, I will just login to my friend's Xbox One…

But what if he only has 15gb free and the game is 20gb?

You would need to free up space.

Then you would need to download the game…

What if his wife and your girlfriend is in the other room watching House of Cards season 3 4K streaming via NetFlix?

How long will that download take?

What if his son and your kids are playing PS4 via Gaikai streaming?

Even if his network isn't congested at that time, what about bandwidth caps?

And of course after the download, you have the install.

Or, we can just pop in the disc.

What's easier and more convenient?

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