Thursday, October 31, 2013

Holiday Hype - Welcome to the 8th generation.

Getting a PS4 controller without an actual PS4 is like getting a steak knife without your steak…such a tease. This is nothing new with the launch of new consoles - games usually release before the system. 

The DualShock4 feels good, its solid, has the right amount of heft and the grip is nicer than the too smooth DualShock3. Playing it on the PS3 (Battlefield 3, and Madden 13) showed it is definitely a superior controller than the last iteration. 

Preorders are basically all sold out - Day One/Launch Editions are going to be non-existent past launch day and based on the news of interns working overtime it definitely looks like there will be shortages…this in the midst of holiday shopping, and not just normal holiday shopping but Black Friday bat-crazy shopping. 

It is going to be interesting to see how the multi platform numbers shape out - will Call of Duty Ghosts sell more on PS4 or XB1 - especially with the news that PS4 is natively 1080p with that title and XB1 is upscaling from 720p. 

And of course, will any of the new consoles have a RRoD type of disaster…we shall see.  

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